Working together to make the right connections

Boston Hire specializes in connecting clients in need of administrative, human resources, and marketing help with qualified candidates in the field. If you need the hiring flexibility of a temporary employee or you're looking to make a direct hire and want help locating the very best candidates, Boston Hire has a network in place to help you find exactly what you're looking for. You can even look at temp-to-hire applicants if you want to build in a grace period before making a final decision on whether you need someone long-term. With so much flexibility and so many great candidates to choose from, it's no wonder employers consider Boston Hire to be one of Boston's top staffing firms.

Perfect for those in need of a helping hand for a short-term project, or even just seasonal help.

The ideal option if you are open to the idea of a long-term hire, but want to make sure you find the right person first.

Direct Hire
If you need to fill a permanent position and want only the best candidates, our direct hire option is for you.


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