The right team is the key to success. At Boston Hire, we understand that making a hire is way more than reviewing resumes. Our efforts go far beyond candidates looking great on paper… your business needs more. Through our extensive vetting process, candidates connect with more than just one recruiter on our team. We learn about candidates past, present and future, biggest motivations, values, goals…and most importantly, what could make them an asset to your team.


Hiring flexibility is the name of our game. Need a temporary employee or looking to make a direct hire? With so much flexibility and a diverse network of candidates to choose from, we’ve got you covered.


Boston Hire has an extensive network in place to help you find exactly what you’re looking for in a candidate. We look forward to collaborating with your team for your next hire.


direct hire & permanent

If you need to fill a permanent position and want only the best candidates, our direct hire option is for you.



The ideal option if you are open to the idea of a long-term hire, but want to make sure you find the right person first.


temporary & contract

Perfect for those in need of a helping hand for a short-term project, or even just seasonal help.