Get hired

Hi, Job Seekers. We understand job searching can be quite the challenge. Lost track of where you’ve applied to? Can’t seem to get your resume just right? Not sure what you really want to do? Ready for the next step? Something new? Confused? Well, we have good news. You’re in the right place.


Boston Hire has demonstrated an unparalleled ability to match driven candidates with the right opportunities. As a boutique agency; we do our best to assist every candidate interested in working with us. The right fit can take time. When we’ve got the right match for your skill set, we’ll be sure to reach out.


direct hire

Direct hire positions are permanent, usually full-time positions with benefits. Our clients utilize our services to find top talent for perm positions. In most cases, once offered a position, the employee goes directly on the company’s payroll, starting day-one of employment.


The ideal employment options for candidates looking to leave their current, long-term position for something new. Boston Hire is here to walk you through those tough decisions.


Temp-to-Hire (aka Contract-to-Hire or Temp-to-Perm) means a candidate is hired first on a temporary basis with the possibility of the position becoming full-time and permanent. Both candidate and company get the chance to see if the placement is a match before diving in!


Temp-To-Hire positions are fantastic way to find out if a position is right for you prior to fully committing.


Also known as, contract or temp, is an employment situation where an employee is expected to remain in a position only for a certain period of time. The time frame may be based on a specific project, a company’s busy season or filling in for a perm employee on leave.


Temp positions are an AWESOME way to gain experience while networking or trying out a new industry. Temp positions can get you through an in-between phase during your job search.